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All these in-game item can only be redeemed in our Rock Kommander game.
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How to buy and get in-game rewards in 2 steps

1. Find your Account ID

It is necessary to provide your Rock Kommander Account ID if you wish to buy in-game digital products from this store.

If you are new, but wish to join our Rock Kommander player community, download the game to your device tapping your app-store button above.

If you have the game, tap on your home screen top left corner avatar to find your personal Account ID.

Tap the copy icon next to Account ID so you can easily paste the ID back to this webstore.

Quick, accurate, convenient.

Where to save the Account ID

2. Save the Account ID with your details

Once you copied your Rock Kommander Account ID make sure you save it amongst your webstore account details or paste it in that box at checkout.

That's it really, once you paid for your products give it a minute and check your in-game mail for your items.

Enjoy your chosen boosts and beat the competition!